Funds & Grants from Ashirvadam NGO, Bangalore

Ashirvadam, a non profit charitable trust invites proposals from organizations or individuals who work to improve the quality of life of people or are involved in environment protection or wildlife conservation. We look forward to funding projects that would be selected post thorough screening and verification. We would sponsor the projects up to 85% of the project cost or INR 5 lakhs whichever is lower.

Funding Educational Projects

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True development of a nation can be achieved only through value added education of the masses. Ashirvadam supports the initiatives promoting education among underprivileged children and bringing about a positive change.


Funding Nature Projects

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Nature supports mankind in all forms and at all the time but we have been exploiting it beyond limits and the outcome is devastating. It has become important to conserve Nature and look at Forest, Water & Energy Conservation to make this world worth living for us and our coming generations. Ashirvadam looks ahead to undertake and fund projects to conserve nature.

Funding Wildlife Conservation Projects

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To maintain the ecological and environmental balance, wildlife protection plays a very important role. Forest and wildlife are interdependent and degradation of one affects the natural equilibrium. India's situation is quite distressing with destruction of forests and wildlife. Ashirvadam takes responsibility and extends its support for the projects helping maintain ecological balance by wild life protection.

Funding Underprivileged 

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India is on the development path but true development can only be achieved when benefits reach the underprivileged in rural areas. To achieve this, Ashirvadam provides funds to the NGOs and social welfare organizations working towards the upliftment of the underprivileged especially in the field of education and training for better employability and improving their lifestyle.